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Vladan Guzina, Andersonville True Value: Chicago, IL

If you looking for POS system you should consider Microsoft Dynamics Retail. Here is Why? Software is great, easy transition, price is right, and great guys to work with. Guys thank you for your help and easy and fast transition.

Kim Sebastian, 256 Supply True Value Hardware: Austin, OK

I wanted to share with you my experience with systems Solutions and Microsoft Dynamics Retail. According to what we had prior the system is great. It connects to True Value. We considered other options this has all we needed and it was affordable. The support team is great. When I call for support they have always been right there to help me. Thanks guys.

Garland Hope, Hope True Value: Purcell, OK

Microsoft Dynamics Retail has been good for us. We did have UNITY and the service was getting out of hand, three times what we now pay.

Jim Seals, Parma True Value: Parma, ID

Our experience has been nothing but good over the past 5 1/2 years. When we put the POS in, we switched from Triad. So, the criteria to change was the upfront cost, low maintenance, ability to manage the data base with, Excel, Notepad, or Access, and NO mandatory monthly service agreement that usually becomes way to costly. And then the ability to purchase new hardware in the open market without being tied to the Retail systems provider that was too Costly. There is support for the system all over the country with the Microsoft Dynamics Retail Certified Partners. Among other things, credit card processing is built into the Microsoft Dynamics Retail. I had occasion to have a PC go down once that was running PC Charge credit card processing software. My Microsoft Dynamics Retail Partner System Solutions switched me to processing credit cards with Microsoft Dynamics Retail and Mercury Payments and I was up and running credit cards immediately at every POS. Now each POS can process transactions and credit cards even if other POS's or PC's went down. The ability to log onto the store computers at home (or on Vacation) to solve problems, monitor activity, just like I was at the store has become invaluable.

Steve Mathison, North Haven H&Gs: Dallas, TX

We are a Home and Garden Showplace store and have been using Microsoft Dynamics Retail since 2001. It has been rock solid and support has even improved since Microsoft bought the company about 4 years ago. We do have several functions that we have written Access applications for to enhance the way we operate. One of the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics Retail is the SQL database.

Jonathan Feldman, Dan Ray Supply True Value: Bronx, NY

I replaced my Triad System (ACTIVANT) with Microsoft Dynamics Retail. My data was converted, I was trained, and up and running quickly. I receive support from one of hundreds of Microsoft Partners and Microsoft as well. I have many support choices with Microsoft. I am saving about $5,000/year on support costs vs. my previous system!!! I also saved $5,000 on my new equipment and software license combined!!! Microsoft Dynamics Retail is very easy to use; I can change reports quickly and get instant results on the screen. THIS WAS A NO BRAINER FOR US!!!

Josh Ayres, Ayres True Value: Flora, IN

I wanted to share my experience with Microsoft Dynamics Retail. The system was easy to incorporate into the store, it was very easy to learn, and I have found the service from Microsoft to be excellent. We are saving a lot of money since I left the Activant system. The main reason for purchase was the stability of Microsoft vs. the other systems that were preferred and are now obsolete. I would recommend this system for any store large or small.

Bob Wipplinger, Penndel Hardware & Hobbies Inc: Penndel, PA

System still going strong... no problems that weren't taken care of by Dave and his Crew. Still freaks me out seeing someone working in my computer from another state! Iím considering updating our Hatboro Location with System Solutions help in the future.


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