Rental for POS 2009

Rent directly from the POS Screen

  • Rent items with full or partial deposit, or make the payment due at time of return
  • Charge refundable security or other deposits for full or partial credit on rental return
  • Rental items support having set-up time, item messages, tag along items or fees, pictures and specifications
  • Supports renting multiple quantities of the same item during one transaction
  • Pro Rated Rentals
Rental for POS 2009 screenshot

Make reservations

Rental for POS 2009 screenshot
  • Reserve items for future time periods
  • Make changes to reservations before pickup
  • View availability of all rental items for any time period
  • Automatic conflict checking prevents from creating conflicting reservations/rentals
  • Reserve items with variable deposit payment at the time of reservation

Easy to configure

  • Create unlimited rental time periods, each with separate grace period, late fees, deposits, etc.
  • Set up cost of goods, damage waivers for rentals and reservations
  • Allow pro-rating of rentals, allow or deny renting for customers with overdue rentals and more...

Rental contract

  • Includes customer information, drivers license, and car license
  • Terms and Signature Required terms (integrates with Signature Capture)
  • Compatible with Just Ask Rental forms for True Value stores


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