Item Search

  • Quickly find an item you are looking for by using one or more keywords and add it to the transaction.
  • Search hundreds of thousands of items in a split second.
  • The search will go through all relevant fields, like Item Lookup Code, Alias, Description, Extended Description, Sub Description 1 through 3, Notes, etc.
  • Automatically looks for all forms of the keywords, including singular and plural, prefixed and suffixed words, different tenses in case of verbs and more.
  • See item picture right in the search results, along with other information like Description, Notes, Sub Description fields, UoM, Bin Location, Price, Cost and many others.
  • The add-on automatically remembers your setup of selected columns and other parameters.

  • View brochure (PDF).
  • Watch demo
  • Download trial version. SQL Full-Text Search component of SQL Server must be installed. This component is part of SQL Server Express (or higher) with Advanced Services.

Item Search screenshot


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