ID Age Verification for POS 2009

Verify customer's age by scanning driver license:

ID Age Verification screenshot 2
  • Set items with minimum age for purchase.
  • Scan drivers license and prompt cashier with instant age in years, months, days.
  • Verify any drivers license age on demand.
  • Receipt is stored with name, date of birth, and drivers license number.

    ID Age Verification screenshot 1
  • The Unitech MS337 features a powerful 2D scan engine ensuring precision and accuracy, and is perfect for point of sale applications. The scannerís lightweight and ergonomic design is easy to use, yet rugged enough to withstand multiple 5-foot drops to concrete. Unitechís high performance, low cost point-of-sale products are used by retailers all over the world.

    Unitech MS337 barcode scanner

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