RMS Forecast & Ordering Tools

RMS Forecast & Ordering Tools contain:

  • Forecast tool
    Forecast tool screenshot
    • Choose date range, supplier, and order/delivery lead time to display forecast information
    • Sales history is used to re-calculate economical restock levels including a 0 option
    • Apply changes to instantly update restock and reorder information
    • Sort, select, and save items with calculated restock levels into templates for seasonal use
    • Generate RMS POs based on reorder and save money on inventory immediately

  • Replace use of MPQ with Minimum Order
    Use Minimum Order instead of MPQ screenshot
    • Automate RMS MPQ (Master Pack / Full Pack Quantity) features using RMS Min Qty
    • Automatically lean out large RMS POs to satisfy on hand, reorder, and restock levels with Min or multiples of Min after RMS MPQ PO generation

  • Check purchase orders for duplicates
    Check purchase orders for duplicates screenshot
    • Check RMS Purchase Orders for same item(s) found on 2 or more open POs

  • Combine purchase orders
    Combine purchase orders screenshot
    • Combine two RMS Purchase Orders into one and remove the source PO

  • Consolidate item history
    Consolidate item history screenshot
    • Move item history from one item to another for consolidation and consolidated forecasting


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