Microsoft RMS Customer Rewards

Complete customer rewards program for Microsoft RMS

  • RMS Customer Rewards tracks purchase points for customer purchases.
  • Points are tracked to a customer or specific authorized buyers for a customer.
  • An RMS Voucher is created when points reach a pre-set limit.
  • Any Voucher balance is displayed in HTML status area for set customer or buyer.
  • Cashier can enter Voucher or scan a printed Voucher.
  • Voucher is used for payment using the Voucher tender type or with any split tender.
  • Voucher remaining balance is tracked and displayed on the receipt.
  • Subsequent purchases add to the Voucher balance.
RMS Customer Rewards screenshot
  • Also set up rewards for specific items.
  • Customers can receive free items or discounts on items after a specified amount of purchases.

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