RMS Customer Email and Zip Code Prompt

  • This Add on will prompt for an Email and a Zip Code from the customer if there is no customer currently set in RMS or if the customer that is set does not have an Email or a Zip Code.
  • If the customer already has an Email and a Zip Code then the prompt will not pop up and the sale will continue to the tender screen.

  • CustomerEmailandZipcodePrompt

    When the window pops up, type in the Email and Zip code and click OK. If you wish to skip this step leave both fields blank and click OK. Otherwise both fields must be filled in in order to continue. If there is no customer set in RMS, and no customer with the email address and zip code are found the add on will create a new one using the Email address as the Account Number and is then set as the customer in RMS. If there is currently a customer set in RMS, that customers Email and Zip Code will be updated.


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