Call-In Donation

    Call-In Donation screenshot

    The Donation Call-in Entry Screen makes recording donations fast and easy:

  • Create a new donor or open an existing donor profile.
  • Work on a new Purchase order, or open an existing PO.
  • Add multiple items, and different types of items all through the same window.
  • Choose from already existing items, or input new items through the donation screen.

Call-In Donation screenshot

Use the Lookup to find an item that is already in your system. Choose from all items or items from a specific supplier. The existing item screen shows many fields so that you can be sure you are selecting the right item.

Create new items within the Donation screen. Call-In Donation screenshot

  • Set item lookup code, description, sub     descriptions, department, category, price cost, and   margin.
  • Set the item as taxable or not.


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