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Jeff Smidt, Wisconsin Firearms Training Center: Brookfield, WI

We are a new customer/start up business using Microsoft Dynamics Retail. I highly commend Miles on the terrific support he has given us as we get our system up and running. He has worked closely with our local IT support. He provided training for us that were clear and high on the time/value ratio. Miles has responded promptly and patiently to our very, very numerous calls for support during the past few months. This past Friday we were preparing for a soft opening event on Saturday. Our local support rep came in Friday morning and, after a focused discussion with him, he contacted Miles. Miles worked much of Friday to get us up and running. Well into Friday evening, Miles was still working on our system, getting our POS working, diagnosing troubles that our local IT and our payment processor need to address. Friday evening Miles contacted me to assure we had all that we needed for our opening the next day. AND, he sent me an e-mail with contact information for your off-hours support in case we needed it over the weekend. I cannot find any way that Miles and System Solutions could serve us better. Thank you, and especially thanks to Miles, for the outstanding customer service.

Charlie Hartley, Palmetto Building Supply: Barnwell, SC

We switched from an old Advantage system in June of last year to Microsoft Dynamics Retail bought from System Solutions. We have two POS in a 7000sf store plus lumber. The program lets me update lumber pricing by the thousand BD Ft that takes about 10 min a week. Any problems that we have are taken care of promptly. They walked me through lots of things that I was not familiar with, coming off a 13 year old system. All our records were transferred from the Advantage system, not without a lot of extra work by System Solutions, at no up charge.

Vladan Guzina, Andersonville True Value: Chicago, IL

If you looking for POS system you should consider Microsoft Dynamics Retail. Here is Why? Software is great, easy transition, price is right, and great guys to work with. Guys thank you for your help and easy and fast transition.

Joe Reddington, Central True Value: Everett, MA

I wanted to write this note to any of you who are looking for a new Point Of Sale system. I have researched quite a few. I was an Activant user until I had to recently re-license. That's when I called Dave at System Solutions. I know that choosing Microsoft Dynamics Retail was the best fit. I bought my hardware store and was forced to re-license my Activant product. The fees were EXTREMELY expensive. When I told them I was considering changing systems, the sales rep told me that if I didn't renew with them, I would have to cease & desist use of Activant. I had to make a decision and FAST. Dave not only priced the system right, but met my deadline with Activant. At the beginning of the month I was on Microsoft Dynamics Retail and have been pleasantly surprised by the ease of use. It was a very smooth transition and more importantly, the support fees will blow you away.

Kathy Beer, Kbs True Value: Canton, SD

My RBS system crashed on the first of March, I called Dave and had my new system by mid-April. I have been live on Microsoft Dynamics Retail for a little less than a month, the POS is great. The support is good and they respond quickly.

Kim Sebastian, 256 Supply True Value Hardware: Austin, OK

I wanted to share with you my experience with systems Solutions and Microsoft Dynamics Retail. According to what we had prior the system is great. It connects to True Value. We considered other options this has all we needed and it was affordable. The support team is great. When I call for support they have always been right there to help me. Thanks guys.

Garland Hope, Hope True Value: Purcell, OK

Microsoft Dynamics Retail has been good for us. We did have UNITY and the service was getting out of hand, three times what we now pay.

Dwight Gilleland, Dawsonville True Value Hardware: Dawsonville, GA

If you are looking for a new system for your store, Microsoft Dynamics Retail is your answer. Since we have been using this program, it has cut our man hours down, and has made our job of ordering and receiving merchandise a walk in the park. Customer support if the wonderful, the staff has always been there for me. So next time you feel like throwing your computer out the window, just give System Solutions a call and they will come to your rescue.

Jim Seals, Parma True Value: Parma, ID

Our experience has been nothing but good over the past 5 1/2 years. When we put the POS in, we switched from Triad. So, the criteria to change was the upfront cost, low maintenance, ability to manage the data base with, Excel, Notepad, or Access, and NO mandatory monthly service agreement that usually becomes way to costly. And then the ability to purchase new hardware in the open market without being tied to the Retail systems provider that was too Costly. There is support for the system all over the country with the Microsoft Dynamics Retail Certified Partners. Among other things, credit card processing is built into the Microsoft Dynamics Retail. I had occasion to have a PC go down once that was running PC Charge credit card processing software. My Microsoft Dynamics Retail Partner System Solutions switched me to processing credit cards with Microsoft Dynamics Retail and Mercury Payments and I was up and running credit cards immediately at every POS. Now each POS can process transactions and credit cards even if other POS's or PC's went down. The ability to log onto the store computers at home (or on Vacation) to solve problems, monitor activity, just like I was at the store has become invaluable.

Steve Mattheson, North Haven H&Gs: Dallas, TX

We are a Home and Garden Showplace store and have been using Microsoft Dynamics Retail since 2001. It has been rock solid and support has even improved since Microsoft bought the company about 4 years ago. We do have several functions that we have written Access applications for to enhance the way we operate. One of the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics Retail is the SQL database.

David Lakatos, True Value Hardware: Belle Glade, FL

Want to share my experience as others have: We needed a new POS system and chose to run with Microsoft Dynamics Retail. The system was easy to learn, connects to True Value, and with the import tool can import other supplier's items. We are confident in Microsoft stability and have a choice of hundreds of independent Microsoft Dynamics Retail certified support companies. We choose to use System Solutions and are very happy. This solution outweighed other options and has proven to be an excellent choice.

Jonathan Feldman, Dan Ray Supply True Value: Bronx, NY

I replaced my Triad System (ACTIVANT) with Microsoft Dynamics Retail. My data was converted, I was trained, and up and running quickly. I receive support from one of hundreds of Microsoft Partners and Microsoft as well. I have many support choices with Microsoft. I am saving about $5,000/year on support costs vs. my previous system!!! I also saved $5,000 on my new equipment and software license combined!!! Microsoft Dynamics Retail is very easy to use; I can change reports quickly and get instant results on the screen. THIS WAS A NO BRAINER FOR US!!!

Josh Ayres, Ayres True Value: Flora, IN

I wanted to share my experience with Microsoft Dynamics Retail. The system was easy to incorporate into the store, it was very easy to learn, and I have found the service from Microsoft to be excellent. We are saving a lot of money since I left the Activant system. The main reason for purchase was the stability of Microsoft vs. the other systems that were preferred and are now obsolete. I would recommend this system for any store large or small.

Lynn Scott, E S Hubbert & Son Inc: Cambridge, MD

Have been using this system for 1 year now and we are very pleased with the things it can do and the money we have saved switching from Activant. We are a 20,000 sq. ft store with 4 POS stations; we do Rental, and have over 1,000 house accounts.

Wendy Saylor, Wayne’s True Value: Saint Matthews, SC

We switched over to Microsoft POS system in June of 2008. After some research we picked Microsoft Dynamics Retail with Systems Solutions because of cost and the system we were getting. We have also received some of the best customer and support service you could ask for. We are a small store and due to budget constraints we were still on the old ADVANTAGE system. The ADVANTAGE system was starting to give us serious problems so we had to switch over to something new. We have been extremely happy with the new system. We contacted System Solutions and got set up earlier than originally scheduled due to our old computer problems. All we have to do is pick up the phone and System Solutions can access our system and fix our problem! We have remote computer access into our store computer from our home computer so we can work from home in the evenings! We got all this and we are actually saving money. We haven't had any major problems with connecting to True Value and any questions we have had were answered immediately by Systems Solutions. I would recommend this system and their outstanding service to any company looking to upgrade their computer system.

Randy Williams, Williams True Value: Athens, GA

I switched from Activant to the Microsoft Dynamics Retail Point of Sale System by Microsoft in June of this year. I currently have more innovation than Activant or Rock Solid has to offer as well as shop and rental software in the same package. System Solutions that sells and supports this software is outstanding and seeks to solve problems to make my business run better. I would highly recommend that you talk to Dave at System Solutions about this software package.

Bob Wipplinger, Penndel Hardware & Hobbies Inc: Penndel, PA

System still going strong... no problems that weren't taken care of by Dave and his Crew. Still freaks me out seeing someone working in my computer from another state! I’m considering updating our Hatboro Location with System Solutions help in the future.

Kim Koenig, Koenig True Value and Lumber: Fairfax, SD

We had been using Activant for 12 years and switched to Microsoft Dynamics Retail with System Solutions this June. We're wishing we'd have made the switch sooner! They can customize the software to work for you and your store.

Trent Vanworner, Meadview Hardware: Meadview, AZ

We just put in Microsoft Dynamics Retail using System Solutions and their service has been outstanding. But we are not a multiple store or rental. Never the less, I would give them high marks for doing what they say they are going to do.


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