Microsoft RMS Blish-Mize POS; Point of Sale Solution for Blish-Mize dealer stores

Complete Hardware Store POS system for Blish-Mize dealer stores

  • Complete Microsoft Point of Sale system for Blish-Mize dealer stores. Eliminate costly
      monthly fees and equipment requirements of other systems.
  • Lower costs by using standard PCs running Microsoft Windows, re-using existing printers,
      scanners, etc.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Office, Windows-based accounting packages and other software you
      are accustomed to.
  • Connect directly to Blish-Mize for: electronic purchase orders, item maintenance, electronic
      invoices and more.
  • Data conversion services to move items, customers and vendors from any old system into
      Microsoft RMS.

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Microsoft RMS Blish-Mize POS Updater

  • Communicate directly with Blish-Mize servers.
  • Blish-Mize Updater performs e-commerce transactions including: Item Maintenance,
      Purchase Orders, Electronic Invoices, All-Item Load and others.


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Glastonbury, CT 06033

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Support toll free: 1-866-703-2267

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Support local: (860) 781-6379

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